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Rockstars of the industry

We are the personal family business that cleans and maintains environments for a variety of customers.

Efmab has the ability to deliver, not only professional cleaning services, but also a wide range of peripheral services, in order to meet the needs of our customers. Our expertise spans daily cleaning, waste management as well as sanitation of various kinds. We have physical workplaces ranging from large concert venues and audiences to lounges and halls, from magnificent event rooms to small offices. We are known to always say yes; no assignment is too small or too big.

Who are we? The Fernandez family, two brothers and a nephew, our closest co-workers, sellers and site managers – and a fantastic cleaning team of 100 employees and 200 additions part time staffers. Our small but effective organization allows for a quick route towards communication and direct paths to service.

Our key drivers are flexibility and service minded spirit that delivers beyond the ordinary. Our business has an overriding focus on the environment and we are committed to taking good care of our excellent staff!

How it started

It was by chance that Eduardo Fernandez started cleaning laundry rooms and offices in 1991, some side jobs he got through an acquaintance. He did so well that the “side gig” became more and more full time. Soon, Brother Raul came into the picture and the “banana peel” they had both had slipped on lead them squarely into the industry and eventually resulted in a joint company in 1997 – Efmab.

Today, the company has its head office in a red, charming wooden villa next to the old Älvsjö Gård and the few employees have become 100 employs and 200 people in thier resource pool.


In 1997 Efmab had its initial job in Stockholmsmässan – and has the job still today. A collaboration with HTC was initiated in 2005, when Efmab also becomes unique representatives of Twister and first in the world using their method. 2012 Efmab wins its first contract at Friends Arena and Nordic Choice Hotels. In addition, they proudly received their first certifications; ISO14001 and ISO 9001. Development cooperation with Optiqo began in 2013, which was installed and used fully at Friends Arena. Efmab wons another contract in 2014 at Stockholmsmässan and becomes a total contractor for all cleaning, outdoor trees and responsible for waste management. In 2015, the contract was extended to the Friend’s Arena with Lagardère Sports. In 2016, a collaboration with MTR will commence and in 2017 Efmab signed a unique 5-year contract with Stockholmsmässan.

The staff our greatest asset

Our employees’ commitment, expertise and service feeling are crucial to our success. We like and care for our staff with sensitivity and thus, we have a low staff turnover. We are a service company without borders in more sense, in our team there are more than 30 different nationalities.

Diversity is an important key to development, while health, safety and the work environment are other important parts of our business. A gender equality policy, recruitment policy, alcohol and drug policy as well as salary and development talks and skills development are also on our agenda. We are affiliated to Almega and comply with their regulations and legislation in the labor market.